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Are your costs to high from your current PEO? Are you tired of paying too much for Medical Insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance or Retirement Plans.

Who is Silverstein HR?

An independent PEO Advisor that accurately compares PEOs to meet and exceed our customers needs.


Silverstein HR strives to be more transparent than all the other brokers. PEOs are comprised of a lot of products and services, but do you know how brokers get paid and how much? We'll include our fees in each and every proposal.


Our negotiation skills are second to none; We have negotiated with Benefits, Payroll, Workers Compensation, and HR & compliance companies for the last 35+ years. 


We are solutions driven. Large or small, growing or downsizing, aggressive or conservative, we listen and pursue the solutions that best serve your company and employees.

The Silverstein HR Advantage
Our Mission

The Silverstein HR Advantage

The primary reason to outsource your Benefits, Payroll, Human Resources and Workers Compensation is to SAVE money and to free up your administrator's and employee's time for more productive work. We aggressively look to match your business with the PEO that meets or exceeds your company's needs.  
Help your Business Performance & Scalability
Our Philosophy

Help your Business Performance & Scalability

Reducing your operating costs while allowing you the time to generate more revenue for your business and the ability to scale your growth is what PEOs do best.
  • Reducing Costs
  • Increase Revenue
  • Retain Top Employees
Reduce Medical Plan Costs

Reduce Medical Plan Costs

Silverstein HR Inc is revolutionizing healthcare by providing transparency, innovation, and better outcomes at significantly lower costs.